Greater Victory Temple of Seaside CA

Greater Victory Temple
Pastor Ronald Britt
Sermon: “Is There A Rock In Your Hand”
Date: January 8, 2017.
The preacher started his sermon by asking the saints if they have a physical or proverbial stone in their hand. John 8: 3-11, is the chosen scripture for the message on this day. We all have sinned; fall short of the glory of God, but Jesus came to call us out of darkness, and into his own light.” Judge not lest ye be judged”, unsaved folks love to misquote this scripture to saints, the preacher exclaimed. This often happens when being told the truth about inequity and sinning. In the scripture above the scribes and Pharisees brought a woman in the presence of Jesus, claiming what she was caught in the act of prostitution; the law set by Moses requires her to be stoned until death. They wanted to know what Jesus will have them do. After which Jesus proclaimed whoever was without sin, cast the first stone, they departed one by one without casting a stone. They tried to trick Jesus. Pastor said it is too easy to judge someone else, when we judge people we are asserting authority over God. God spoke saying all judgement belongs to him. Our spiritual life suffers when we start playing God. Saying that there is nothing wrong with calling sin exactly what it is, God hates sin but loves the sinner. Our lord loves sinners so much; he gave his only blood child to save us. Saints ought to hate sin, but love the sinner, love the sinning out of them. Turn to your name and asked “is there a rock in your hand,” the preacher exclaimed. No sin is greater than any from fornication to gossiping they are SIN, and saints should not practice sin, though we are not perfect. For as long as we are in the flesh Christians will be tempted. As believers of God we should show grace and mercy to our fellow man, just as God showed us, and we shouldn’t be so easy to judge.

Greater Victory Temple
Pastor Ronald Britt
Sermon: “Higher Ground”
Date: January 1, 2017.
Glory be to the most high God, for another new year to give him the praises and the glory and honor. On this blessed Sunday the Pastor, directed the saints to Isaiah 52: 1-2, Philippians 3: 13-14. After the reading, the man of God stated where there is no vision man falls apart, both spiritually and physically. He told the people that Satan is out to destroy our youth now than ever, so much so America and even the church have lost respect for God. The preacher said; saints are not to scorn sinners, but they should not feel comfortable sinning around you. The Saints are looking good on the outside, but there is turmoil going on inside, he proclaimed. Pastor Britt said most started drifting unknowingly. They get comfortable drifting, then before we know it we are living in sin, but these things happen when people flirt with sin. Others get led astray from God because they want to be their own shepherd, how many people know that: sheep get eaten or lost when they leave the stewardship of the rightful shepherd. The messenger ask the saints to echo “it is time to move to higher ground,” to their pew member. While in his message he stated there are people who are of the view Gods church have lost its power, but he wants the people to know that God does things in seasons. There is a time to rest and a time to work, a time to stay still and a time to move to higher ground that time is now. The time is now to get up, shake yourself off, and not let anyone stop you from moving to higher ground. Greater Victory Temple the trumpet of God as sounded, the pastor shouted. Forget all the things that are behind us, for God is calling us to move forward to higher ground. Once more the shepherd of the house proclaimed yesterday is gone, awake, rise, shake yourselves and move forward to higher ground, for we cannot continue to camp out in the wilderness. God is calling us to promise, we should not let our past or anything nor will anyone to stop us from seeking and doing Gods will.

Greater Victory Temple
Pastor Ronald Britt
Sermon: “Jesus I am hurting … Help!”
Date: October 2, 2016.
Today was another special day at Greater Victory Temple, not just because of the fact we all have life. Antoine Cameron was officially announced as a minister of God, Minister Cameron has been a part of the music ministry for quite some time, and he has now been called to deliver messages from God as well. Minister Cameron is slated to deliver his first message on second Sunday night in January 2017.
The day’s message came from Luke 8 42-48, the message being brought to the people of God from the proud Pastor Ronald Britt. “Jesus I am hurting … Help!”  Was the theme of the day.  Jairus was the leader of a Jewish synagogue, who became so desperate, at the thought of losing his only child, knelt and beckoned at the feet of Jesus to visit his house, and save his child. As Jesus heeded his plea, headed towards Jairus house, moving through the crowd, a young lady young lady touched the HEM of his garment. She was deemed unclean, anything touched was called unclean, and she was even forbidden to enter the Synagogue. She was so desperate; she believed touching the hem of Jesus garment would heal her. The son of God, stopped upon feeling the tug, and addressed the now healed woman, telling her “by your faith you are now healed.”
This message signifies that no matter our status in society, no matter our pain, affliction, and circumstance, if we have faith and turn to Jesus we can be healed and delivered.
When analyzing the message further, we realize Jesus was tempted with everything we struggle with in today’s world, I mean “EVERTHING”, the man of God went on to say.
In short this messaged signifies no matter the heights we strive to, we should lean on Jesus Christ to get us there.

Greater Victory Temple
Pastor Michael T Weaks
Sermon: “IF… What”
Date: July 24, 2016.
“IF What …”
On July 24, 2016, God sent a message with a guest Pastor, Michael T Weaks of, Greater Mission Ministry. The message brought to us came from, Mathew 21 18-22. In this chapter Jesus rose early in the morning, and was on his way to the city, he felt hungry. Jesus came upon some fig trees, upon seeing a particular fig tree with the appearance of being fruitful, examined it and saw it was not so. Jesus cursed said fig tree, it withered away instantly. Pastor Weaks went on the give examples from the book of Genesis, illustrating Gods will for us; to be fruitful and multiply.
Genesis 1 v22 and 28, genesis 8 v17, genesis 9 v1, genesis 9 v7, genesis 28 v3, genesis 33 v11, these are just a few instances in the bible. As the man go of went further into the message, the congregation began to understand, Jesus cursed the tree, as a result of it reminding him of the deceiver (the devil). Basically we should not live our lives as deceivers, because god is not pleased with deceiving. The pastor went as far to say God labels anything not of him, to be the anti-Christ, not just a single futuristic symbol or being. If we take a deeper look on the message, its saying IF we have faith in God, things we deem impossible can be possible. God can do all things, except go back on his word. His word states I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, Philippians 4:13.
There are three things we need to get back to doing to strengthen our faith; asking, praying in confidence, and believing it shall be done. Firstly we should ask of God in our desires, secondly we should kneel in reverence, and pray in Jesus name, finally we should believe is shall be done. Believing takes on multiple meanings here. It means being patient, being strong in his word and teachings. We have to have all three ingredients, to complete the recipe he paraphrased.
At the end of the service, those under the sound of his voice learned, that if we obey God, and have faith; humans can live a stress free life. We should not live as deceivers, because it is not of GOD. The answer to IF… WHAT is, IF WE HAVE FAITH!!!

Greater Victory Temple
Missionary Annette Garnet
Sermon: “Dangers Of Distraction”
Date: July 17, 2016.
The day’s speaker was missionary Annette Garnet. She began the sermon with honors to whom it concerned; she then proceeded to St Mathew 14:22-33 and Hebrews 12:1-2. The missionary then gave example from the bible, of people being distracted. David by Bathsheba, Peter got distracted by the winds, while in the boat with Jesus, Lots wife that got distracted, looked back and was turn to salt. Today we are more captivated by, social media, our jobs, our families, the television, among many other things demanding our time and attention. She began to explain, Jesus had just performed a miracle, and was trying to take some time to meditate, and he sent away all the people following him, inclusive of the disciples. Jesus then went up to the mountain, where he stayed and prayed for a while. When last have we taken time to ourselves to meditate on Gods word, to have meaningful conversations with Jesus? She asked. Missionary Garnet stated Jesus came down the mountain later that night; upon seeing the heavy winds dashing the boat the disciples boarded, he then walked on the lake towards the boat at dawn. Peter and the other disciples were fearful, and began to cry out. Jesus then quelled their fears by proclaiming, Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid. Peter then asked Jesus to prove it was him, by telling him to walk on the lake as well. Jesus then told him to come forth, as Peter was walking on the water, the winds began to get boisterous again, and he became DISTRACTED and started to sink. Jesus then saved him asking him to have faith. Distractions can cause shame in our lives. In St Luke 10: 40-42, Martha became distracted watching Mary and not serving the lord properly. Missionary Garnet echoed, when was the last time we checked ourselves, if we are being a “Mary” and not a “Martha.”
The Sermon was brought to an end, after the messenger reminded the people of God, to be focused on the word, and actions Christ Jesus.


Greater Victory Temple
First Lady Angelia Britt
Sermon: “The Silence OF Adam/Men”
Date: June 19, 2016.

On today the first lady of the house was chosen to bring the message to Gods people. She began by giving honor to the elders and ministers alike, the sermons topic was to be taken from Genesis 3: 1-7. It speaks of the interaction of the serpent, in the Garden of Eden with Eve, and how she was influenced to take eat of the forbidden fruit, her husband being silent also ate thereof. The woman of God began by pointing out that, God spoke life into all being; he then gave Adam the ability to do so, the congregation realized, that Adams silence was the real catalyst for sin. The messenger went as far as to give more accounts in the holy book, that the men remained silent, and their wives took matters into their own hands. Lot-his wife, Abraham-Sarah, Isaac-Rebecca, Bethuel-his children, just to name a few. “Your silence as a man will affect others, for whom they are responsible for,” the first lady proclaimed. It is clear whenever men are silent, women step up take charge, and the results are generally catastrophic. We are all Gods’ creation, but we humans aren’t Gods. In closing she reiterated that, the time for silence of men should be no more the cry. Our kids are the present, future, so we should trust God, Be Godly first and speak into disorder and bring order into our children’s lives. This address from the first lady was truly a blessing on father’s day 2016.

Greater Victory Temple
Pastor Ronald Britt
Sermon: “Changing My Circumstances”
Date: May 22, 2016.
2 Kings 20: 1-2, 1 John 2: 15-17, these two chapters were taken from the good book, and this is where Gods word will be coming from today, by the servant of God. The first reading was about Hezekiah, Isaiah the prophet came unto him saying set your house in order for, you shall soon be with the lord. Hezekiah being stricken, then turned to the wall praying to the lord, reminding God he served him with a clean heart, and Gods promise unto his people. Before Isiah could depart, God lead him to tell Hezekiah, he will live fifteen years yet. In the book of John, chapter two states that we are not to dwell on the things of the world, for they are not of God, any man who is driven by the things of the world is not of God, and the world will pass away but God is eternal. The message was aimed at prioritizing ourselves in God, if we strive for God, our gains will be given unto us. If our values are right, we will grow spiritually, and in the flesh, but if our values are wrong we become stressed, financially troubled, physically stricken. For what it profits a man to gain the world, and lose his soul, the pastor asked. The man of God then beckoned the congregation to speak life, positivity, and the saints can speak there healing and success into being. God just wants us to have a relationship with him, to deem him important, just as humans are important to him. The pastor said just as we find time for our man made job, we should find time for God, for he gave us the job. Whatsoever we bound on earth is bound in heaven; whatsoever is loose on earth is loose in heaven. The man of God ended the sermon by apologizing to anyone he might have offended, but stated he is provoking the saints to righteousness.


Greater Victory Temple
Missionary Mellissa Sells
Sermon: “God is looking For Your Replacement”
Date: May 15, 2016.

Missionary Mellissa Sells was chosen to deliver the day’s message. The lesson was taken from 1 Samuel 15: 1-35. It tells the story of Saul through the eyes of Samuel. The missionary was warning the children of God, to be wary of God looking for their replacement. Saul was anointed by Samuel, but chosen by God to be king of Israel. The scripture spoke to a time when Saul was sent on a mission to smite the Amalekites and all that was in the city, Saul took Agag captive, took the finest cattle and spoils as sacrifice. Disobeying Gods command in the process, God then turned his back on Saul revoking him as King. The speaker said a child of God doesn’t have to go back to the club, drink or smoking to backslid, we can be sitting in church and not doing Gods will. She stated if we are not going about gods business, our father will look for a replacement. David, Saul’s replacement slew a giant with but a common stone for God was with him, Gideon won in battle with only 300 men for god was with him. God is not impressed by numbers, she echoed just that we put him first; Saul had forgotten that God made him what he was, thus went back to his sinful ways. As a result God replaced him, in closing missionary Sells pleaded with the saints to be obedient to Gods will, and has to not let God seek our replacement.


Greater Victory Temple
Elder Wendell Sells
Sermon: “Where is Your Fruit?”
Date: April 17, 2016.
“Where is Your Fruit?”
The days speaker was none another than, Elder Wendell Sells. The minister is more of a teacher than a preacher, if you ask some people. He began the service by referencing to a couple of bible verses, aimed at “fruits”, “fruitfulness”, or lack thereof. Psalms 119: 89-91, Genesis 1:11, Mathew 21:18-19, all speak on the above. The teacher then began to give a testimony, a testimony which illustrated that; the enemy doesn’t tempt us with what we don’t want, also that the enemy will try to distract us when God is about to use us. Minister sells drew reference, to the fact he was a renowned martial artist, and at this very period he was preparing himself for this sermon, the enemy used someone to provoke him, using martial arts on his day job. “Preserve Your Fruit” was the plea, he made to those under his voice, after he stated; he ignored the trick of the enemy. Elder Sells spoke on the fact, whoever proclaims to be a child of God: should be so fruitful in his ways, to the point anybody you come in contact with, should feel the aura of God emanating from you. Psalms 24: 1-10, tells the saints how they can be fruitful, what is required to be fruitful, how humans should act in and out of our homes; in order to feed our spirit, and not our flesh. In Hebrews 4: 12, speaks of the strength, the sharpness so pointed it can search your soul, strip you of all unclean things, and make a person’s spirit new again. As the minister got more in depth, he illustrated the night before Jesus cursed a fig tree; he stayed at an inn call “HOUSE OF FIGS”. Just as Jesus was two miles away from the city, when he was tempted, we could be moments away from our break through. So we shouldn’t succumb, to the wiles of the enemy.
In short we are all Gods fruit, and he is coming back for us; but Jesus expects all of us to labor, and is more abundant in his ways, when he comes. We should look holy, we all should be holy. I don’t want to be cursed, do you?


Greater Victory Temple
Pastor Ronald Britt
Sermon: “Jesus Is The Way”
Date: March 27, 2016.
Today’s speaker is none other than, the shepherd for the flock Pastor Ronald Britt. The pastor started out saying this is the time for celebrating the death, resurrection of our lord, and savior Jesus. John 14: 1-6, set the context for the day’s word. Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. These are the word the lord spoke to Thomas, meaning if the saints don’t accept him and live in holiness, there shall be no way into the sanctuary of heaven. The messenger said over 2000 years ago, Jesus walked among us, just so that he could die, save us from sin, and intercede on our behalf to make it into heaven. After the resurrection of Jesus, he sent the Holy Spirit to guide, and protect us; so the saints are never alone, for the wages of sin is death. The man of God then said Jesus is the way forward, we humans have tried everything, why not try Jesus? The devil knows what God has put in us, and the serpent wants us to try everything to abort, what God has planned for you, but if we yet trust in the lord h will equip us with the necessary tools to do what we are to do. The Shepherd ended the service by praying for those whom required a prayer and opened the doors for whosoever wanted to accept Christ on this resurrection day.


Greater Victory Temple
Missionary Claudette Lockhart
Sermon: Divinely Designed For Success
Date: March 20, 2016.
Today’s speaker was missionary Claudette Lockhart, dawned in purple gown ready to deliver the message; she received from the heavenly father. John 15: 16, Isaiah 46: 9-10 were the two scriptures at the base of her of her sermon. She started out by saying everything god has done it was with us in mind, approximately 7.4 billion humans on the planet, and not one of us was a mistake. Everyone wants to be successful she proclaimed, success can be predictable because it was divinely designed by God, the same can be said of failure. The woman of god stated God is even more invested in our success than we are. What man deems to be success are not what God views as success, success to God means we excel in all aspects of our lives, while we serve him. She gave illustrations of a company selling products, and customers voiding warranty, and sometimes not using authorized dealers to fix what was bought. God is our grand manufacturer; he sends his son Jesus Christ and the Holy ghost as authorized dealers, to fix any problem we humans might encounter. It is when we void Gods warranty/warnings, and signs we find ourselves in a bed of sin. For when the saints fail, Gods reputation is at stake, for when we fail Gods image is soiled. He doesn’t want failure, for he wants us to succeed for his purpose alone. Missionary Lockhart said it doesn’t matter what you have been told by man, god will restore you to the way you were meant to be for his namesake, all that is required is repentance, and submission to his will. The preacher ended by reaffirming our success is already ordained we just have to follow Gods manual for it to happen.


Greater Victory Temple
Pastor Richard Thomas
Sermon: Transition
Date: February 21, 2016
Let the words of our mouth and the meditation of our hearts, be acceptable in thy sight oh lord my strength and my redeemer! Was the pledge made for today’s sermon.  The spoken word came from multiple verses in the good book, among them were: Acts 2:1, Joshua 22: 1-6. Before the pastor could start Bishop Hamilton made an appearance, the congregation was elated, to see the former leader. Transitionary period was the day’s theme, as in Acts and Joshua, the Gods people were in transition. In biblical terms transition is a process, during this process; they must be in one accord in one place, keep the commandments and thou will be blessed for your obedience. Moses was charged to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, but Joshua was to take them into the promise land. The man of God stated that the people had to complete Moses law before Joshua could bless them. Bishop Hamilton should be viewed as todays Moses, and the Elder Ronald Britt our Joshua. Pastor Thomas also harkened the new Pastor Britt to have a spirit discernment, for there will be people assigned by the enemy to frustrate him.  Just as Moses prepared the Israelites for promise, then Joshua was priming them for increase from God. The preacher said “tell your pew members”, transition will not separate us.”  The lord spoke to him saying his people must maintain mental and spiritual agreement, the will produce the promises of God. To make it down further God fulfills promises to those who are in the right place. God said if someone truly loves him they will, honor his commandments. Pastor Richards song a song of increase, prophesied unto Gods people, and then he prayed.


Greater Victory Temple
Pastor Ronald Britt
Sermon: Love
Date: February 14, 2016.
Today is a day celebrated worldwide for love. The Pastor said it was only fitting to preach on man’s love for each other, Gods love for man. The days scriptures were taken from 1st Corinthians 13: 1-8 and 1st John 4: 7-12, both text speak about love, how can we love and be loved. Real love is not sexual, real love is not selfish, nor personal attachment, nor emotion. For John said; he that loveth not does not know God, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. The preacher then went on to state that we should love our enemies, we she bless our enemies for that is love. God’s love will always keep us together, it is when we override the Holy Spirit, and then we begin to not love. The pastor then stated we can give without loving but we cannot love without giving. For God loved the world he gave his only begotten son for our sins that is unconditional love. In today’s society the absence of love, is the cause of hate, destruction and killing. The man of God gave an illustration of how a person can appear to love someone, but upon closer examination of their actions we realize it was only a façade. Pastor Britt asked how we can claim to love a spirit we have not seen, but cannot love our brothers and sisters we can see. People of God there must be evidence of love in your life, if God dwells in you; this is called a Godly love. In his closing the preacher man said we could have the faith to move mountains, but if we don’t have that Godly love we have nothing, for it’ll profit you nothing in the sight of God. God’s love will keep us together; love is patience, love is kind, love is forgiveness without resentment, love is not easily provoked. If we stop overriding the spirit of God we will exemplify the love of God.


Greater Victory Temple
Pastor Ronald Britt
Sermon:  Set Thine House In Order
Date: February 7, 2016.
Today is a very big day in America, todays is Super Bowl Sunday. The pastor directed the congregation to these two verses in the Bible; II King 20: 1, I Thessalonians 5: 12. Order must take priority in your house, whether it is a spiritual house, an actual house or you physical body, God requires them to be in order for a person to have a relationship with him. In the book of II kings we read the prophet Isaiah came upon King Hezekiah, for he was ill unto death. The prophet came to deliver a message from God; “set your house in order for you shall surely die”, Isaiah proclaimed. Pastor Britt stated that the church house should be a house of prayer and not a house for folly, people are watching the church, and saints confuse them when we don’t live right. Our fleshly house should be the second house of three, which should be in order. The Holy Spirit cannot function in the saints unless; our bodies are submissive to God will. Hezekiah was 39 years old, after receiving this message Hezekiah had such a relationship with God; as a result he received 15 more years. We may not get that extension the pastor proclaimed. The preacher made a final plea for us to set our houses in order, for it is appointed on to all man to die, yet we don’t know how or when it will happen. At this point he prayed for those in need and ended his sermon.


Greater Victory Temple
Elder Phillip Jones
Sermon: “Recovery”
Date: January 24, 2016.

Elder Phillip Jones is today’s messenger, before he begun he said a brief prayer asking the lord to open him up and use him to bless the people. Joel 2: 25, in this verse we witness Joel the prophet came upon Judah foretelling of a great swarm of locusts, that will devour all their crops. Yet if they stay faithful unto the lord thy God; they will receive more than what they have lost. Elder Phil gave his testimonies of home invasion and a destroyed car, yet the lord told him be faithful and of good courage, and he shall be restored all that he has lost. The teacher stated God kept instructing him to remember Joel. God wanted to take us from one state to another, but we cannot go with this stuff we had, even my clergy man collar and cross he proclaimed. So I decided to praise my way through it, and remember Joel. Whatever you are going through, just praise God and he will restore you. The Elder had alter call, then the congregation was dismissed.


Greater Victory Temple
Pastor Ronald Britt
Sermon: “A Reason For Praise”
Date : January 17,2016

“I don’t know about you, but I have a reason to praise the lord”, was the statement the saints said to each other. Gratitude is the reason to praise the lord, the pastor referred to a fruit in Africa that sweetens the taste of a person’s mouth, no matter what is eaten after tasting this fruit will taste sweet. So gratitude should be the taste berry for “Saints,” so nothing that God says to us it will be sweet. The man of God asked the congregation, how many know that we were not just created in the likeness of God, but we are to also praise God. It’s easy to praise the lord when all is going well, but David said “I will bless the lord at all times, his praises shall continually be in my mouth”. Psalms 103: 1-5, 150: 1-6, Acts 6:25 the basis of the days sermon came through these three scriptures. For too much do we allow life to control us, just going with the flow so to speak, as if life was a river.


Greater Victory Temple
Pastor Ronald Britt
Sermon: let Your Speech Be with Grace and Seasoned with Salt
Date: January 10, 2016.

On this day the pastor started with his usual way of creating an atmosphere, for the spirit of God. By singing “I give myself away,” the man of God then requested a couple of scriptures to be read. Colossians 4:6 and James 3: 1-18, was read by Sister Mellissa Sells. The pastor exclaimed the tongue is one of the most powerful things a man can possess. It may be used to praise God, win souls, build people up, and from the same tongue destruction, death, or tear down and lies can be uttered. The preacher man said it is of utmost importance that we submit our tongue to Christ. To speak with grace, you must have grace in your heart, as it said in Luke 6: 45. Pastor Britt told the saints; the bible states we will be held accountable on judgement day for all the hurtful and destructive things that came from our mouths. The messenger ended the message my requesting to congregation to look upon each other and repeat “watch your mouth”


Greater Victory Temple
Pastor Ronald Britt
Sermon: Built For This
Date: January 3, 2016.

“I am built for this”, Is the theme this day that the lord hath made. For God made mankind in his own likeness.Psalm 139: 14, 1st Corinthians 10:13 Hebrews 10: 35-39, was the selected texts, to deliver the word of God. These three scriptures speak on the fact that our savior will never give us a cross that we cannot bear. His people will never go through trials, tribulations without him being at their side. The pastor on this day opened by asking the church to look upon their neighbor and declare “I AM BUILT FOR THIS’’. We are living in perilous times, evil days, the days of mankind going crazy, so this is not the time for the saints to be silent, for the saints to be weak. For I am fearfully, and wonderfully made, so we are built for “THIS”. Whatever your THIS is, God our father has equipped and enabled us to overcome it, for we are made in the likeness of God as stated in the book of Genesis. The preacher stated they’re saints who are throwing away eternal heritance, because Satan is telling them it is easier to give up, than to keep on pushing for God. We said we are walking by faith and not by sight, but when our storms start to blow we wilt to the wilds of the enemy, instead of riding out our storm. Pastor Britt stated the tools God has given us, we fail to use that’s why we run from the devil. Tools such as the holy spirit, the Bible, fasting and pray are our building tools. If we yet understand whom we serve and stop running from our troubles and trials, it is then we realize we are truly built for our assignments, built for our troubles and tribulations. Our main problem is that we love this flesh too much, and not the spirit of God. Whatever your “THIS” is if you only trust in the lord he will heal and deliver you, is the closing message he echoed to the people of God.